The chassis of the first TenneT platform for the Borssele wind farm is on

The load-out of the jacket for the Borssele offshore wind farm is on it. The chassis was placed on a pontoon at the shipyard of HSM Offshore in Schiedam.

This coming sunday the pontoon will sail via the Nieuwe Waterweg towards the location of offshore wind farm Borssele I where a crane ship places the jacket on the seabed. Poles are placed using hydraulic hammers.

Finally, a special cement is placed between jacket and poles to anchor the jacket to the seabed. It was not an easy task to cover the 55 m high, 50 m long and 28 m wide jacket with a weight of around 2,730 tons on the pontoon. to place.

From the quay and via steel ramps, so-called self-proposed multi-trailers (SPMTs) drove the jacket on the sea-going pontoon. In addition, the ballast tanks of the pontoon had to be pumped fuller or more fully in order to keep the platform stable during loading.

Windpark Borssele plays an important role in the Energy Agreement, in which it has been agreed that in 2023 16% of the Dutch electricity supply must originate from sustainable sources.

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