Boskalis to power vessels for Borssele Alpha project with biofuel blend

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) announced last week that it will power the vessels to be used for export cable installation work at Borssele 1 & 2 with a biofuel blend. Boskalis, together with NKT Cables, was awarded the contract for the connection of the Borssele Alpha offshore station to the Dutch high-voltage grid by TenneT back in November 2016. The contract includes of the delivering and installation of two 61 km export cables.

The company will run its vessels on a biofuel blend of up to 30 per cent. The blended biofuel is part of the ‘Boskalis on Bio’ program, which aims at achieving a 35% reduction in the CO2 emitted by the Boskalis fleet and equipment in the Netherlands in the next five years. For this purpose the company signed a long-term partnership with biofuel supplier GoodFuels.

Various sea trials by Boskalis have shown that sustainable biofuels lead to an impressive reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 90% compared to fossil fuels and are more effective than alternatives such as liquefied natural gas. On the Marker Wadden project the company performed dredging work for six months using a B50 biofuel blend, consisting of 50% residual products from the paper industry. This fuel is also used to power its dry earthmoving equipment and trucks in the Netherlands. As of last week the large trailing suction hopper dredger Prins der Nederlanden is powered by a biofuel blend.

The initiative is welcomed by TenneT as part of their objective to work towards climate-neutral operations by 2025. Photo: Boskalis


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