EAGLE-ACCESS BV ready to build prototype new access system

EAGLE-ACCESS BV announced today it is ready to build a prototype of their EAGLE-ACCESS, a new system for the offshore transfer of personnel and cargo.

The company, established by Willem Prins and Marco Klitsie in 2016, developed the access system to provide a more cost and operation efficient method for the transfer of cargo and personnel to offshore platforms and wind turbines. According to the company the EAGLE-ACCESS offers several advantages over currently available offshore access systems.It does not impose any limitations on the trasfer of personnel and goods. The system is 100% electrically powered, making large hydraulic power packs and generators unnecessary, meaning lower construction and operating costs. The installation needs less deck use so it can be used on a wider range of service vessels. Another advantage is the low weight, of 17 tonnes. The EAGLE-ACCESS system will be available in a large range, from sea level to 25 metres in height.

At the moment the company is busy preparing the construction. When the prototype is completed it will undergo sea trials, planned for September 2019. Last month the company signed an agreement with Van Halteren Group who have become an investor and shareholder to support the roll-out of the first systems.

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