Water Authority Zuiderzeeland to participate in onshore wind farm Hanze

On Friday Vereniging Windpark Hanze and Waterschap Zuiderzeeland signed an agreement to jointly develop a wind farm in the province of Oost-Flevoland, northeast of Dronten.
Wind Farm Hanze is an initiative of Vereniging Windpark Hanze. The onshore wind farm will see 15 turbines installed along the Hoge Vaart and the Hondtocht canals. It is part of the overarching project Windplan Groen, whereby 10 onshore wind farms will be developed in Eastern Flevoland.

The share of the Water Authority is equal to its energy use. With this step, the Water Authority aims to become energy-neutral in its energy use. This could possibly be achieved by 2023. At the same time the authority is also contributing to the renewable ambitions of the Province.
The Water Authority is investing with a €10 million subordinated loan against interest at market rate to develop and realise the wind farm. The participation has no influence on the existing agreements with the Windplan Groen project for participation by other parties, such as residents in the residential and outside areas. The parties will set up a project specific private company. Source:Waterschap Zuiderzeeland

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