Huisman to design monopile gripper for Jan De Nul Group

Last week Huisman was awarded a contract by Jan De Nul Group for the delivery of a monopile gripper. The monopile gripper has a modular, tailor made design to allow use on a wide range of projects. It is unique in its capacity as well as versatility to accommodate usage in existing projects and future projects of which the specifications are yet to be determined.

This flexibility makes the gripper a unique piece of mission equipment that allows Jan De Nul Group to efficiently plan the construction of future offshore wind turbine projects. Jan De Nul Group will use the advanced and flexibel gripper for the installation of monopiles for offshore wind farms, such as Northwester 2. The delivery is planned for Q2 2019 and will be installed on the wind turbine installation vessel Vole au vent.

Pim Overes, COO at Huisman says: “We are extremely pleased with this contract award by Jan De Nul Group: building on our successful track record of delivering high quality lifting appliances for the installation of offshore wind turbines, we introduced a range of innovative and versatile installation tools for the offshore wind industry. The innovative design of these tools were the start of an intensive cooperation between the technical and operational teams of Jan De Nul Group and Huisman, which has now led to a firm commitment for the delivery of our monopile gripper.”

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