Herman Sr. orders Damen Shoalbuster 3514

During the Offshore Energy 2018 exhibition Dutch marine services provider Herman Sr. BV announced it has ordered a newly-developed Damen Shoalbuster with Damen Shipyards Group. The Shoalbuster 3514 will be named Brutus and is intended for or wind farm support and maintenance.

The Shoalbuster 3514 is the first of a new class within the Damen Shoalbuster series and one of the largest available. It measures 35 metres in length, nearly 14 metres in width, has a free deck space of 150m². The vessel can work both near as well as off shore due to its shallow draft of 2.70 metres at full tank capacity and just 2.40 metres at 50%. Its vessel will have a DP2 Kongsberg dynamic positioning system including ancillary thrusters to ensure precision position-holding on the open sea as well in the vicinity of turbines and other structures. Its open stern will also make the vessel suitable for cable-laying operations and a sturdy aft deck knuckle boom crane will be capable of lifting a wide assortment of cargo and equipment.

Among the many roles that this first DP2 Shoalbuster will be capable of fulfilling will be anchor handling, for which she will have an open stern complete with roller, and towage. With 60 tonnes of bollard pull she will be a powerful and effective towage asset. The vessel can carry five to six crew members and has accommodation for up to 22 persons. It will be built at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld. Delivery of the Brutus is scheduled for spring 2020.

Jack van Dodewaard, managing director of Herman Sr, mentioned in a Damen press release:’The Shoalbuster 3514 will be the first DP2 vessel in our fleet and will be named Brutus. With a bollard pull of 60 tonnes we are aiming for a versatile, dynamically positioned vessel, suitable for performing a wide range of works in shallow waters. These will include PLGR, ROV surveys, mass flow, UXO surveys, wind farm support and all the other services that our clients are used to receiving from Herman Sr. BV. With accommodation capable of taking more than 20 people she will also be able to work for extended periods offshore. And of course she will undertake many other functions such as towage, anchor handling and rig relocations. In addition, the vessel is able to dry out completely for cable handling and other works. We are looking forward in receiving the vessel built to Damen’s high standards, as always.”

“The 3514 represents an appreciable uplift in capability for the Shoalbuster class and is a very special vessel with a wide range of options available,” added Jos van Woerkum, managing director of Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld.  This will be their fourteenth Damen vessel and at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld our eleventh order, as well as the ninth and largest Shoalbuster to date. Source: Damen Shipyards


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