Bigger role local community in wind energy development Groningen

The Province of Groningen will involve its citizens more in its wind energy plans. This new approach could help create more social acceptance for wind energy among its communities.

The province, that is facing problems with earthquakes due to extensive gas exploration, aims at speeding up the transition to renewable energy sources and at keeping a leader role in the area of energy in the Netherlands. It will have to, in order to reach the climate goals of 60% renewable energy by 2035 and 100% by 2050 set by the Provincial Councils. Reducing the energy consumption by its industry, offices, schools and households will not be enough.

Wind energy is one of the renewable energy sources to play a role in the energy transition. The Province of Groningen has recently set new guidelines for the development of wind energy. The new approach is a social one and is known as the Social Tender (Maatschappelijke Tender). Key words for the new approach are honest, efficient and own.

Cooperations and companies have the possibility to indicate at the start of the process which spatial and social conditions are important to them. These could include, the location of the wind farm and the turbine size. Local citizens can require that they are involved at an early stage and have the possibility to participate in a wind farm.

By involving the local community from an earlier stage, the province hopes to create more social acceptance for wind energy.


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