€ 14.5 million for regional development fund Wind Farm Fryslân

Windpark Fryslân B.V. announced that the region fund it introduced for the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân will be 45% higher than initially communicated. In total, € 14.5 million will become available for the development of the region in which Wind Farm Fryslân will be built.

During 20 years, the operational lifespan of the wind farm, the fund will receive an annual contribution of € 720,000 from Windpark Fryslân B.V.. The first contribution to the fund is planned for Q2 2021, when the wind farm is fully operational.

Higher output wind farm
The amount that is put into the fund is linked to the total power generation of the wind farm. At the time of the fund announcement the power output of Wind Farm Fryslân was estimated at 316 MW. Since then, turbine technology has developed in a fast pace and more efficient turbines have become available on the market that could be used for Wind Farm Fryslân. With the selected wind turbines, type SWT- 4,3- DD -130, the wind farm will have a total power output of 382.7 MW. From 2021, the wind farm will contribute to over 60% of the total of the renewable energy produced in Friesland, the equivalent of the energy consumption by 500.000 households.

For and about the region
The fund was introduced to stimulate the development of the region in the proximity of the wind farm which is to be built south of the Afsluitdijk in the Frisian part of the IJsselmeer lake, near Breezanddijk. In 2016 Windpark Fryslân B.V. made agreements with the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân about the objectives of the fund. The money would have to be dedicated on projects in the area of housing, recreation, tourism, renewable energy, nature and environment in the urban and rural areas of the municipality along the coast of the IJsselmeer lake. The fund is accommodated in a foundation and is managed by an independent management with an advisory board that holds members of local and social regional organisations.

Code of Conduct
The fund fits well with the code of conduct ‘Acceptatie & Participatie Windenergie op Land’ (Acceptation & Participation Onshore Wind Energy. This code of conduct advises wind developers to contribute € 0.40 to € 0.50 per produced MWh for regional development. Windpark Fryslân B.V. chose for the highest contribution.
At the moment a start is made on setting up the foundation by a start group. This start group will look at the organisational structure and the policy and is supported by the municipality and Windpark Fryslân B.V..


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