EMO to operate new heliport in Eemshaven

EMS Maritime Offshore (EMO) and Groning Seaports have signed a long-term operation contract whereby EMO will become the operator of the newly constructed heliport in Eemshaven, in the province of Groningen. 

Groningen Seaports remains the owner of the infrastructure needed for the heliport, which includes a take-off and landing area – located in the north-western part of Eemshaven, close to the Borkum ferry service. The total site covers an area of approximately 4.5 hectares, of which approximately 1.35 hectares is airfield. As well as a helicopter landing area, the site contains helicopter parking stands and, depending on developments, a number of small buildings may be built in the future, such as a hangar and/or an office/work/reception area for the helicopter operations.

EMO will be operating this heliport and, depending on market developments, will provide it with a number of small buildings that are still required. The official opening is expected to take place around the summer.

As a result of increasing activities related to the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms from the port, there is a need for a helicopters, in addition to vessels, to transport personnel and tools. With the realisation of the heliport, Eemshaven is therefor strengthening its strong position as a base and service port for the offshore wind industry. Photo: EMO


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