€ 5 billion SDE+ Spring 2019

RVO.nl announced on 24 December the budget for the SDE+ Spring 2019 round. The budget is € 5 billion. The SDE+ Spring 2019 runs from 12 March to 4 April 2019.

Minister Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy announced the content of the SDE+ subsidy for 2019 on 21 December in a letter to the Parliament. The subsidy is an operating grant for renewable energy projects in the Netherlands, including biomass, Geothermal energy, wind energy and solar energy.

For each round an integral budget ceiling is set for all technologies in which the technologies have to compete with each other based on the cost price.

The Spring round is split in 3 phases:

Phase 1:  12 March, 9 AM

Phase 2:  18 March, 5 PM

Phase 3:  25 March, 5 PM to 4 April, 5 PM

Minister Wiebes will announce the budget for the Autumn round before 1 July.

From 2020, the SDE+ stimulation scheme will be expanded: an incentive for sustainable energy transition (SDE++). The SDE++ scheme will not only stimulate sustainable energy production but also CO2-reduction techniques. This will be done by an operating (feed-in-tariff) subsidy.



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