Official opening repowered wind farm Slufterdam

This evening, the official opening ceremony of the repowered wind farm Slufterdam took place.

Wind farm Slufterdam is situated at the Maasvlakte, on top of a dike around silt depot de Slufter, to the west of the port of Rotterdam. Since 2002, 17 GE wind turbines, with a combined total capacity of 25.5 MW, have been operating at this location. Mid 2017, energy companies Nuon and Eneco started a repowering project that would almost double the capacity of the onshore wind farm..

The 17 GE 1.5 MW wind turbines were replaced by 14 new Vestas V112 turbines, each with a capacity of 3.6 MW. As a result, the total capacity has almost doubled, from 25.5 MW to 50.4 MW. Annually, these 14 turbines generate around 180 GWh, enough to supply approximately 60,000 households with green electricity. Nuon/Vattenfall own 8 of the 14 turbines. The electricity from these turbines is purchased by the Amsterdam public transportation company GVB. Eneco owns the other 6 turbines. Royal Schiphol Group n.v. will purchase part of the electricity from these turbines.

7 parties involved
Due to the wind farm’s location, on a dike that is situated both near the North Sea and near the port of Rotterdam and in an area with breeding birds, several parties were involved in the project. Beside the two energy companies, these also include.two nature conservation organisations (Stichting Het Zuid-Hollandse Landschap and Natuurmonumenten), the Port of Rotterdam and two local municipalities (Westvoorne and Rotterdam).

To create social acceptance for the repowering project several funds were created. One is a quality of life fund, providing financial support to schools,associations and social organisations to increase sustainability. Also, a nature fund has been initiated.


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