Greenchoice, Windunie & ABN AMRO acquire wind farm Greenport Venlo

Green energy company Greenchoice, energy cooperative Windunie and financial partner ABN AMRO Energy Transition Fund have acquired wind farm Greenport Venlo. The companies purchased the shares from previous owner, developer Etriplus. 

Wind farm Greenport Venlo will comprise of 9 wind turbines to be constructed parallel to the rail link between Venlo and Eindhoven. In Q4 2018 the recquired permits were obtained. The total power of the wind farm will be enough to provide green energy to around 28,000 households annually. The wind farm is expected to be fully operational at the end 2020. The 3 partners will be responsible for both the realisation and the operation of the wind farm.

The new owners will respect the agreements made by the previous owner in terms of citizen participation and the creation of a livability fund. These are managed by energy cooperatives Samenstroom (Venlo) and Reindonk Energie (Horst aan de Maas). They have the possibility to set up a participation scheme for a maximum of 4 wind turbines.

It is the second time the three partners work together. At the end of 2018 the companies also announced they acquired shares in wind farm De Veenwieken, in the province of Overijssel. Source: Windunie Image: Etriplus


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