TenneT to deploy 2 GW DC connections at IJmuiden Ver

Artist impression of IJmuiden Ver converter station

TenneT will be responsible for connecting 6.GW of new offshore wind between 2024 and 2030. This brings the total to 9.6 GW. Of this, 5,6 GW is linked using alternating current and 4 GW with 2GW direct current connections.

TenneT will use its standardised 700 MW offshore grid connection for the Hollandse Kust (west) and North of the Wadden Islands offshore wind projects. At the moment the first two, Borssele Alpha and Beta, are under construction at HSM Offshore. The Borssele Alpha station will be installed offshore in the summer.

Innovative 2 GW direct current connections
For the far offshore wind project IJmuiden Ver TenneT will deploy two 2 GW direct current connections. These will consist of converter stations and cables. The cables have a voltage level of 525 kV. Due to the large capacity only 2 instead of 6 cables will be required. TenneT has already built up experience with the technology in Germany. It will be the first time that a direct current connection of that capacity will be used offshore.

Manon van Beek, CEO TenneT: “Based on our experience with the innovative technology in Germany we can now achieve the Dutch goals for the development of offshore wind farms with less cables, less platforms and less spatial impact and nuisance for the local surroundings and environment, both on land and offshore.” Source: TenneT

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