Royal HaskoningDHV to design foundation for Haliade-X 12 MW prototype

Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV) will design the foundation for the Haliade-X 12 MW prototype, the world’s biggest wind-turbine.

GE Renewable Energy and FutureWind (a Joint Venture between Pondera Development and SIF Holding Netherlands) will build the prototype of the 12 MW offshore turbine at the SIF premises at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. The testing is done onshore for easier testing and accessibility.

RHDHV said that there are several challenges in designing the foundation. In addition to the size of the turbine, the sandy soft soil and the position of the turbine’s foundation (positioned in a dam) also pose challenges for the company’s structural and geo-technical engineers.

The design is based on a piled foundation, with a large concrete block on top with a 28 m diameter and a 4 m thickness in the center. Source: RHDHV.  Photo: GE Renewable Energy

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