Update SDE+ Autumn 2018 and SDE+ Spring 2019 rounds

During the SDE+ Spring 2019 subsidy application round, RVO.nl received applications for 43 wind energy projects with a combined power of 143 MW. The total subsidy claim for these projects is 309 million Euro.

Interested parties could submit their applications for subsidies between March 12 and April 4. RVO.nl received applications for a total of 5,376 renewable energy projects. The total amount of subsidy applied for is € 4.8 billion Euro. This lower than the budget (5 billion Euro) that was made available for this round.

Solar-PV remains most popular (5,175 applications with a value of almost 3 billion Euro). Biomass followed with a subsidy claim of over 1 billion Euro.

RVO.nl will now assess whether the applications comply to the requirements of the SDE+ rules and also assess the projects on technical, financial and economic viability.

Budget SDE+ Autumn fully used
During the SDE+ Autumn 2018 round, RVO.nl received a total of 5.907 subsidy applications. The total subsidy claim is more than 7.7 billion Euro. 4,618 projects, with a budget claim of 6 billion Euro received a positive decision. This means the total available budget for this round was used. Of the total projects that received a positive decision, 143 were wind energy projects, with a combined power of 758 MW. The budget claim is 1,874 million Euro. Source: RVO.nl


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