DOB-Academy signs 2 contracts in Japan

DOB-Academy signed two contracts in Japan for cooperation in the area of education. A first contract is with NAMICPA (Nagasaki Marine Industry Cluster Promotion Association). The second concerned a MoU with the Nippon Foundation. 

The contracts were signed after the “Netherlands Offshore Wind Business Seminar” at the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo, Japan on 10 June. The contract with NAMICPA is a first step towards an Ocean Human Resources Development Center (OHRDC) in Nagasaki. The center wishes to set up of a new academy that will provide top-notch education for the future offshore engineers of Japan. DOB-Academy will assist in setting up the academy whereby the focus will be on supplying content and “Teach the Teacher” sessions to successfully train Japanese teachers to teach these courses in Japan. The grand opening of the Academy is planned in April 2020.

Together with consortium partner TU Delft, DOB-Academy also signed a MoU with the Nippon Foundation. The three parties have the intentention for a long term cooperation regarding the development of young professionals for the Offshore Industry in Japan. The second Ocean Engineering Summer School, a direct result of this agreement, will already take place this summer. Source: DOB-Academy


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