Green light for Oude Maas Wind Farm

After multiple delays, the Council of State gave green light for the construction of the Oude Maas Wind Farm. In a judgement on Wednesday, 19 June, it ruled an appeal against the development plan of the wind farm to be unfounded.

The wind farm will rise in Hoeksche Waard, along the river bank of the Oude Maas, west of Heinenoord. It will comprise 5 wind turbines with a maximum axis height of 128.5 m, a maximum rotor diameter of 140 m and a maximum tip height of 187 m. These wind turbines will have an intended joint capacity of 15 to 20 MW, depending on the wind turbine type.

It concerns a coordinated project whereby the environmental permits for the wind turbines are also granted. Two wind turbines that will be installed west of the Heinenoordtunnel will be operated by Eneco Wind B.V.. The remaining three wind turbines that will be built east of the tunnel are managed by POG-REF Windparken B.V..

Appeal against Oude Maas Wind Farm
Several parties appealed against the realisation of the wind farm. According to the Council of State, the appealants are local citizens of Hoeksche Waard, the owners association of an apartment complex and a holiday rental parc, the association ‘Stichting Wind van Voren’ and the municipality of Barendrecht. The arguments brought forward were, amongst others, the possible detoriation in quality of life caused by noise and cast shadow, potential health damage and detoriation of nature and landscape. In addition, the appealants claimed that there are suitable alternative locations available. They also claimed that the procedure was not followed correctly and that the decisions for the wind farm are in breach with European Law and international treaties. Source: Raad van State

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