Liander to expand the electricity network in the Flevopolder

Liander is expanding the electricity network in the Flevopolder. The growth in renewable energy supply from mainly wind and solar in this region is going fast. The network operator is not able to keep up with the required grid expansion to absorb the quantities of new energy.

As a consequence, at some locations in the Flevopolder the grid has not enough capacity to feed surplus solar or wind energy back into the grid. As a measure, Liander had to put in place temporary (partial) transport restrictions for existing and new customers that produce surplus renewable energy and whish to feed this back into the grid. These customers would not be able to use the full capacity of their connection.

To solve these challenges, the network operator will invest in the expansion of the distribution stations, including the ones in Dronten and Lelystad. This will result in additional grid capacity as of 2023.

Another solution looked into by Liander is the possibility to directly connect the wind turbines that are currently being installed in Zeewolde to the high-voltage network, operated by TenneT. This will create room for the connection of solar projects as of 2022. In the meantime, the network operator is investigating whether the implementation of congestion management can create more availability in the network.

Smart solutions
Liander is also researching other innovations and solutions that could be suitable to use in the Flevopolder in order to make the existing network more smart. One of the proposed solutions is the use of redundancy. Another option is to temporary disconnect renewable energy projects in case of over-capacity of the network. The project owners will receive a compensation.

A test will start in Flevoland with a so-called generator container (opwekcontainer). The generator container could make it possible to connect solar fields quickly, using a simpliefied connection. However, amendments will have to be made in the area of rules and legislation in order to use this concept in a wider context. Source: Liander

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