Eneco signs largest PPA with Dutch wind farm

Visualisation of future Fryslân Wind Farm

On Wednesday, 17 July, Eneco signed a Power Purchase Contract (PPA) with Windpark Fryslân bv. During 15 years, Eneco will purchase the electricity produced by the 382,7 MW nearshore Fryslân Wind Farm. With an annual production of 1,500 GWh, it is the largest PPA that the Dutch energy company has signed with a wind farm in the Netherlands.

The contract was negotiated by Ventolines, allround service provider in the renewable energy market. Companies and organisations located in the Province of Fryslân will have the chance to purchase local electricity. With the new PPA included, Eneco’s wind energy portfolio grows to 2,200 MW of installed capacity, the equivalent of the energy consumption of around 2,4 million households.

Fryslân Wind Farm
Fryslân Wind Farm is being built along the Afsluitdijk in the IJsselmeer, approximately 6 km off the Frysian coast in the north of the Netherlands. The wind farm is built by Zuiderzeewind, a consortium of Siemens Gamesa and Van Oord. Van Oord is responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of the foundations and the cables and for the delivery of the material for the installation of the turbines. Siemens Gamesa is responsible for the design, manufacturing and commissioning of the wind turbines and the onshore substation.

At the moment, cable connection preparatory activities are taking place at the Afsluitdijk. In total, 89 Siemens Gamesa SWT- 4,3- DD -130 wind turbines, with each a power of 4.3 MW will rise in the IJsselmeer lake. The annual production of 1,500 GWh can be compared to the annual electricity consumption of around 500,000 households. Local citizens will profit from the wind farm. An annual fund of around 720,000 euro will be made available for local projects in the municipality of Súdwest Fryslân. Source: Windpark Fryslân

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