SDE+ autumn application round to start on 29 October

The autumn 2019 Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production (SDE+) subsidy application round will start on 29 October. According to, a budget of 5 billion euro is made available for this autumn round.

The SDE+ round of applications for autumn 2019 runs from 9 AM on 29 October to 5 PM on 14 November. The application process is split up in three phases.

Phase 1 starts on 29 October at 9 AM.

Phase limit renewable electricity and/or heat:   € 0,090 /kWh
Phase limit renewable gas:  € 0,064 /kWh

Phase 2: 4 November, 5 PM
Phase limit renewable electricity and/or heat: € 0,110 /kWh
Phase limit renewable gas:  € 0,078 /kWh

Phase 3:  11 November, 9 AM until 14 November, 5PM
Phase limit renewable electricity and/or heat:  € 0,130 /kWh
Phase limit renewable gas:  € 0,092 /kWh

Applicant for the SDE+ autmn 2019 subsidy round will have to provide a transport indication from the grid operator that confirms that local transport capacity is available for the project. The new regulation will be established in September of this year.

Intermediate report on SDE+ spring 2019
In a letter to the House of Representatives on the opening of the SDE+ autumn 2019 round, Minister Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy provided an intermediate report of the SDE+ spring 2019 subsidy application round as per 1 July 2019. Of the 42 wind energy project related applications, 1 was declined, 28 were granted and 13 are still processed.

The SDE+ is an operating grant, introduced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to encourage the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands. As of 2020, the SDE+ scheme will be replaced by the SDE++ scheme. The SDE++ will, in addition to renewable energy, also include other CO2-reducing techniques.  The Dutch government has the ambition to realise a 49% reduction in CO₂-emissions by 2030.

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