Fieldlab Zephyros receives RVO funding for smart maintenance innovation project AIRTuB

RVO Nederland Topsector Energie has awarded a first project funding to Fieldlab Zephyros for their smart maintenance innovatieproject AIRTuB. This project for automatic wind turbine inspection and repair is one of several innovation projects aimed at optimising maintenance requirements for energy technologies.

Fieldlab Zephyros is an initiative of World Class Maintenance and Centre of Expertise Water & Energy, with contribution by InnoFunding. Fieldlab Zephyros initially aims at uniting the Dutch offshore wind sector in achieving improved offshore wind performances. By developing, testing and demonstrating innovative concepts and developing knowledge and skills, it wants to reduce unnecessary wind turbine downtime and on-site maintenance. This should lead to an acceleration of the development of large-scale offshore wind and make it an ecological and economical competitive and renewable energy source. In the future, Fieldlab Zephyros wants to enlarge its scope to include also other technologies that are vital in the energy transition.

The awarded funding will be used to achieve the AIRTuB objectives:

• To develop a fully tested prototype of an autonomous UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), including sensor payload,which can detect structural and surface damage and can transfer this data
• To develop models for structural defects and blade erosion revenue impact
• To develop a technology for automated blade coating application
• To develop software for automated classification of blade damage and for automated repair ‘recepies’

The following compaies are involved in the project: Qlayers, DronesforWork, Demcon, Stork AMT, Eneco Wind, Dutch TeraHertz, LM Wind Power, TNO-ECN, NLR, TU Delft, HZ University of Applied Sciences/Scalda, Hogeschool InHolland, Hanze Hogeschool, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Development Center for Maintenance of Composites.

Other new innovative projects by Fieldlab ZEPHYROS that are aimed at cost reduction in offshore wind are Zephyros Data Tower, Offshore Wind Bolting, Supply-chain Performance and Nacelle Robotics. Source: World Class Maintenance

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