Blade repair works start at Princess Amalia Offshore Wind Farm

MPI Offshore, a subsidiary of Van Oord, has been contracted to repair and upgrade all of the blades for 29 of the 60 turbines in the Princess Amalia Offshore Wind Farm. The company is using its offshore installation vessel MPI Resolution.

The vessel sails to the site location with three repaired and/or new blades. The damaged blades will be replaced by another blade and brought back on board. There, the blade will be repaired and upgraded. The repair consists of applying ‘shells’ that are glued to the blades.To be able to do this work in any weather condition, mobile repair habitats have been installed on the deck of the vessel.

When finished it will be installed at the next location. The expectation is that with this repair the blades can last until the end of the expected life of the park.

After the blade repair and upgrade campaign, the MPI Resolution will continue its work for the five-year maintenance contract for the major components exchange at the wind farm.

Princess Amalia Offshore Wind Farm
The offshore wind farm is located around 22 km off the coast at IJmuiden and has been operational since 1 July 2008. It comprise 60 Vestas V80 wind turbines, each with a rated capacity of 2 MW. It is a project by Eneco. Image credit: Van Oord

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