Belgian TINC takes majority share in Kroningswind Wind Farm

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TINC, a Belgian investment company, will take a majority share in the Dutch onshore wind farm Kroningswind in Goeree-Overflakkee. The company entered into an agreement with Kroningswind BV in August 2019. 

TINC announced this in their annual report 2018-2019. TINC makes an investment commitment which, upon full completion of the project, may amount up to € 40 million. The transaction is subject to full fulfillment of conditions and formalities.

Windpark Kroningswind is being realised in the south of the Netherlands, north of the municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee, south of the dike running along the Haringvliet. It is part of the Noordrand development area (comprising Halspolder, Kroningspolder and Zuiderdieppolder) on the Haringvliet. In the wind farm, 19 wind turbines with each a rotordiameter between 100 and 117 m and a tip height of less than 150 m are allowed to be built.

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