Dutch wind sector signs Climate Agreement

Hans Timmer. © NWEA

On 18 September, the Netherlands Wind Energy Association chairman (NWEA) Hans Timmers signed, on behalf of the Dutch wind energy sector, the Dutch Climate Agreement. In the Climate Agreement, agreements are formulated to achieve a 49% reduction in CO2 emission by 2030, compared to 1990.

The wind sector, consisting of over 300 companies, is committed to fullfil these agreements and is aware that the energy transition is relying on their contribution. Hans Timmers: “This sector is essential for attaining a successful energy transition as wind, together with solar energy, are able to realise the desired clean and sustainable energy supply.”

According to NWEA, the offshore wind sector alone, contributed around € 2 billion to the Dutch economy and was responsible for 6400 FTE in 2017. The economic contribution could increase annually to approximately 4 billion Euro in 2040 with the planned developments in the North Sea.

The financial sector, the installation sector, and the Dutch Association for Renewable Energy (NVDE) already signed the Climate Agreement prior to the wind sector.


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