TenneT plans additional €215 m investment in high voltage grid in the north of the Netherlands

TenneT announced this week that it is planning to invest €215 million in connection capacity for two GigaWatts (GW) of solar and wind farms in the north of Netherlands. The amount will come on top of the 1 billion euros investment in projects already in the area.

Two new 380 kV/110 kV high voltage substations will be constructed in the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe. These projects are expected to be completed around 2025, depending on any procedures.

In addition, TenneT wants to realise extra capacity at the existing 110 kV high voltage substations in Bargermeer, Coevorden, Emmen Weerdinge, Hardenberg, Klazienaveen, Musselkanaal Zandberg, Ommen Dante, Stadskanaal and Veenoord.

Ben Voorhorst, COO at TenneT: ‘We want to honour as many transmission requests as possible for solar parks and wind farms. In view of the requests for connecting renewable projects, we will also look closely at where our sustainable investments are most needed and most efficient. The better capacity expansions of electricity grids are fully utilised, the better consumers’ money will be spent.’

Voorhorst: ‘We are looking at all possible ways to find and realise more capacity in the grid.’ The grid operator does warn that scarcity on the grid will remain in the short term due to a lack of a complete overview of all requests to connect to the grid and because TenneT has to follow procedures, make planning preparations, apply for permits, and deal with construction times and scarcity on the labour market. The planning preparations and permit applications for constructing new infrastructure like a large high voltage substation take between 4 and 10 years. Construction itself will last about 2 years.

TenneT has several running and planned projects. For one of the planned projects, the construction of the 700 MW wind farm north of the Wadden Islands (2026), TenneT is still investigating how and where the wind farm is connected; together with the stakeholder relations, TenneT is looking for (underground cable) alternatives.

Randstad 380 kV Noordring high voltage connection
Also this week, in the western part of the Netherlands, the 60 km Randstad 380 kV Noordring high voltage connection between Beverwijk and Bleiswijk became operational. Beside offering reliable electricity supply to millions of households and industries, it also offers transport capacity for electricity from wind farms in the North Sea. It took TenneT 5 years to build the connection. It is TenneT’s the biggest electricity connection built in the Netherlands and built in the most populated area of Europe. Image: TenneT


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