Zeewolde Wind Farm construction soon to start

On 17 October of this year, construction of Zeewolde Wind Farm will start. It will be the largest wind farm built on land in the Netherlands when completed. 

Mr Fackeldey, Deputy Energy Transition of the province of Flevoland and Alderman for sustainability of the municipality of Zeewolde, mr Suithoff, will perform the symbolic ground breaking ritual.

The Zeewolde Wind Farm is a repowering project whereby 220 old wind turbines are being replaced by 91 new and more powerful 3,9 MW turbines. The first old wind turbine was dismantled in June of this year. The replacement of the old turbines with more powerful and efficient new turbines will result in almost three times more electricity generation.

At the moment a start is made on the transformer station and the infrastructure. The first wind turbine is planned to be installed early next year. Full completion of the turbine installation is expected for end of 2021. In total, around 44 km of internal roads will be constructed and 90 km of cables and 2,000 of piles installed.

With the exception of 8 wind turbines that are owned by Raedthuys and Eneco, the Zeewolde Wind Farm is developed by farmers, wind turbine owners and citizens of the rural area of Zeewolde Zeewolde. Local citizens in the communities surounding Zeewolde Wind Farm will be able to invest in the wind farm. Developer Windpark Zeewolde B.V. will issue bond loans at the end of the construction phase, planned for the end of 2021. Source: Windparkzeewolde.nl


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