Approval for construction of 8 turbines of Zeewolde Wind Farm

The Council of State gave green light for the construction of 8 wind turbines along the A27 that are part of the 320 MW Zeewolde Wind Farm. By ruling against an appeal made by several land owners, the construction of the 8 wind turbines can soon start.

A project developer and several other landowners had appealed against a previous ruling by the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management dated 26 September 2018 in favour of the installation of 8 wind turbines between the Vogelweg and Ibisweg roads. The appealers had plans for the construction of houses on the same grounds.

The 8 wind turbines are part of the 320 MW Zeewolde Wind Farm that will comprise 91 wind turbines in total. Zeewolde Wind Farm is a project whereby 220 older turbines are replaced by 91 modern turbines that combined will have three times more generation capacity.

The project is owned by Windpark Zeewolde B.V., a unique partnership between over 200 farmers, citizens and turbine owners in the outskirts of Zeewolde. It is the largest farmers/citizens wind farm initiative in Europe. In October a start was made on the construction of the transformer station and infrastructure. Image: Windpark Zeewolde

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