Green light for Greenport Venlo Wind Farm

On Wednesday 18 december, the Council of State judged positively on the environmental permit and zoning plan amendments for Greenport Venlo Wind Farm. The initiators can now continue with the development of the wind farm which will rise at Greenport Venlo, along the railway line between Eindhoven and Venlo.

Six parties appealed against the realisation of the wind farm. The arguments were mainly directed at the location choise for the wind turbines and the possible noise and cast shadow produced by the future wind turbines. Now that the Council of State has ruled against the appeals the initiators can continue with the development of the wind farm. One of the next steps is the creation of a financial participation structure for local citizens. Four of the nine wind turbines will be made available for financial participation. A fund of around half a million Euro will be made available that can be used for local initiatives that increase the livability and vitality of the local neighbourhood. The initiators work closely also with local energy cooperatives.

Greenport Venlo Wind Farm
The wind farm will comprise of 9 wind turbines of which 6, with a tower of 140 m and blades with a maximum length of 71 m, will be located north of the highway A67. The remaining 3 turbines will be installed south of the A67. These 3 wind turbines will be relatively smaller, with maximum blade lengths of 61 m.

The project was originally initiated by Etriplus. However, in March of this year a partnership consisting of Greenchoice, Windunie and ABN Energy Transition Fund took over ownership of the wind farm.

In the next few months, during the so called tendering stage, the turbine supply, energy and contractor contracts will be closed. Start of construction of the wind farm is expected for late 2020. Image:

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