Energy park in Rijnenburg en Reijerscop polders to include a maximum of 8 wind turbines

The executive council of the city of Utrecht has finalise its vision on a future energy park to be realised in the Rijnenburg and Reijerscop polders, south of the highway A12. The drafted Council’s Proposal has now been sent to the city council for reviewing.

The proposal outlines the plans for a maximum of 8 wind turbines and 230 acres for solar fields, for a minimum period of 20 years. The energy park should provide enough green electricity to power the equivalent of 82,500 households. A space is created for wind turbines in the northern section of the Rijnenburg and Reijerscop polders while the solar fields can be realised in the north and eastern section of the Rijnenburg polder.

The proposal sent to the City Council is a different version from the one presented in April 2019. Adjustments were made to the previos version following a consultation period with various involved parties, including local citizens, neighbouring municipalities, land owners, developers and initiators. As a result, the search area for wind turbines was narrowed down, excluding an area in the centre of the Rijnenburg polder where originally 4 wind turbines were planned. This allows for other developments in this area, such as house building. Another modification is the extention of the exploitation period; from 15 to 20 years.

Rijne Energie, the initiator of the energy park says the proposal is in overall in line with their vision. The energy cooperative also says that their plans are in a far advanced stage and that the plans include ample space for participation. It works together with Eneco and BHM Solar on the project.

Over the next few months, the city council of Utrecht will decide whether the energy park can be realised and draft an invitation framework. The initiators will have 3 months (with a possible extention of another 3 months) to submit a proposal.

If the project gets final approval it is expected that the solar fields could be ready to start producing electricity by mid 2021 and the wind turbines by the end of 2022.

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