Green light for Egchelse Heide and Nij Hiddum-Houw wind farms

This week, the Council of State gave green light for two onshore wind projects, Nij Hiddum-Houw in the province of Friesland and Egchelse Heide in the province of Limburg.

Nij Hiddum-Houw Wind Farm is a repowering project near the Afsluitdijk, in the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân. With the irrevocable approvement of the provincial zoning plan and permits, the initiators, Gooyum Houw BV and Vattenfall can now go ahead with the project.

The current wind farm Nij Hiddum-Houw which has been operational since 1995 is being upscaled. The 10 Vestas turbines (7 owned by Vattenfall and 3 by Brouwer Windturbines B.V.), with a hub height of 40 m, a rotor diameter of 39.4, a tip height of 59.7 m and a total installed capacity of 5 MW, are being replaced by 9 larger, more powerful turbines. In addition, 6 nearby located sollitairy turbines are being dismantled.

The new wind turbines have a hub height between 90 and 140 m and a rotor diameter between 110 m and 136 m. The maximum tip height is 188 m. The combined installed capacity is 42 MW.

Egchelse Heide Wind Farm
Another wind farm that received green light is Egchelse Heide, located in the outskirts of Egchel-Panningen-Beringe, in the municipality of Peel en Maas. The wind farm is an initiative by energy cooperative Peel Energie and local farmers.

Four parties, both citizens and business, appealed against earlier ruling by the court of Nijmegen in February 2019. The parties are against the project based on fear for deterioration in quality of life and restriction in operation (businesses).

The initiators have the intention to reach financial close this summer, after which construction activities on the internal roads, carne hardstands and foundations can start. The wind farm will have 5 wind turbines with a maximum height of 210 m. The turbines are likely to be installed early 2021 and will start generating power in Q2 of 2021.


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