KenzFigee launches new rope actuated knuckle boom subsea crane

Artist impression of the Rope Actuated Knuckle Boom Subsea Crane ©KenzFigee

Crane and lifting specialist KenzFigee launched their new knuckle boom subsea crane. This new generation rope actuated crane builds on proven technology but with improved features for optimized daily operations, safety and operability, without compromising to lifting capacity from approximately 400 tonnes up to 2,000 tonnes.

For the new design, KenzFigee incorporated their clients’ requirements. The requirements received, based on interactive sessions with their clients, were mostly related to improvement of operational safety and workability.

The new knuckle boom subsea crane includes improvents including a high safe working load up of up to 2,000 tonnes, a decreased hook weight and pendulum length, full deck coverage including reach at minimum radius and a lifting height and reach for tall objects.

Sietse Gerssen, VP Sales of KenzFigee said: “New technology is sometimes very close to existing principles, yet innovative in how all is brought together. The essence of this new subsea crane design is configuring proven technology in a different way.”

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