Onshore wind capacity at the end of 2019 remains far below 2020 target

Krammer Wind Farm

With less than 4 GW of installed onshore wind capacity reached at the end of 2019, the Netherlands is still quite far removed from the 2020 target of 6 GW set by the Government in the Energy Agreement (Energieakkoord) in 2013.

According to Windstats.nl, the Netherlands reached a total installed capacity of 3,553 MW of onshore wind at the end of 2019. 280 MW of new capacity was added last year. In the same year, 86 MW was dismantled, bringing the total of added capacity to 194 MW.

In June of this year RVO will publish their annual ‘Monitor Wind op Land’ report with the official numbers. In this report the onshore target is being evaluated. When the report is out, Members of the Parliament will be informed with a summary of the report via a letter to Parliament.

According to Rik Harmsen, sector specialist at NWEA, the Dutch wind energy association, the 2020 target will more likely be reached only by 2023. In the next few years, the sector will experience a strong growth. Many of the new added capacity will be from repowering projects whereby old turbines are replaced by more powerful turbines. Harmsen also sees the potential for further growth after 2023. By smartly combining demand and supply there could be a potential of 15 GW of onshore wind.


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