Action plan for further cost reduction in onshore wind and solar

The Dutch associations NVDE and Energie-Nederland have presented an action plan to further reduce the cost of electricity generated by wind and solar farms in the Netherlands.

The associations worked together with companies from the wind sector, united in NWEA, the Dutch wind energy association, and the solar industry, united in Holland Solar.

Four areas of improvement
Several agreements have been made in the Climate Agreement to reduce the cost of electricity from solar and wind. The plan focuses at measures that can be taken or already taken by the industry itself to lower the cost of electricity. The wind and solar sector have identified 4 areas of improvements, to be achieved by cooperation; more efficient management through standardisation, improvement in the eligibility of the projects, optimalisation of the production process by improved predictability and monotoring, and an optimalisation in grid connection.

When successful, these measures could achieve a cost reduction of several Euros per MWh. Additional reductions can be achieved by technological developments and other agreements stated in the Climate Agreement. These measures combined should make it possible to develop wind and solar on land without the aid of subsidies by 2025. Read the full plan (in Dutch).

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