SDE++ round opens on 29 September

The tender round for the first SDE++ subsidy scheme will open on 29 September and close on 22 October 2020. There is a total budget of 5 billion Euro available in this round.

SDE++ is the succesor of the SDE+ scheme. It builds further on some of the features from the SDE+ but is expanding the categories of technologies that can apply for subsidies, including, amongst others; Carbon, Capture & Storage (CCS), hydrogen production by electrolysis, thermal energy from surface water and wastewater, industrial residual heat and geothermal energy for built environment application.

A new principle in the SDE++ is the ranking based on expected subsidy per tonne of avoided CO2 emissions.

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Wiebes, aims to publish the SDE amendment decision in April this year. The publication of all underlying regulations concerning the opening of the SDE++ is expected this Spring. For the decision and regulations an approval from the European Commission is also required.

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