SDE+ spring 2020 budget is increased

The budget for the SDE+ spring round has been increased from 2 billion to 4 billion Euro. This was announced today by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Wiebes.

The increase of the budget for this subsidy scheme is to provide an additional boost to the development of renewable energy in the Netherlands. It allows for projects with a short term realisation to be realised quickly. It also provides a new opportunity for projects that applied for the SDE+ autumn subsidy but were not successful.

The SDE+ spring 2020 round was announced in November 2019 and is an additional subsidy round. In December of that same year the budget (2 billion Euro) for this round was announced. The spring 2020 round opens on 17 March and closes on 2 April. It is the last one under the SDE+ arrangement. In September the new scheme, the SDE++, will start.

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