Partner content: Record in wind energy production in february 2020

February storms like Dennis and Ciara have contributed to a record in wind energy production in February 2020 in the Netherlands. According to, an average of over 3.6 GW of wind energy was produced daily in the Netherlands.

Onshore wind was responsible for an average of 2,8 GW and offshore wind for 834 MW. For comparison, in February 2019 the average was just over 1 GW (673 MW onshore and 381 MW offshore). In 2019 hardly any capacity was added.

Several developers confirmed exceptionally high production for their wind farms. The Nijmegen-Betuwe wind farm, for example, reported that their 4 turbines, each with a power rating of 2.3 MW, generated 4192 MWh, a record. Saturday 22 February particularly was a good day. That day, at some moments over 4 GW was produced in the Netherlands. This resembles a share of over 30% in the electricity mix, a record.

Renewable electricity contracts
According to the Dutch Climate Act, 70 % of all electricity should come from renewable energy sources by 2030. Several new large wind farms, both onshore and offshore, will be built over the next years that will contribute in achieving this target.

More and more energy companies offer electricity contracts to consumers whereby the electricity is originating from Dutch renewable energy sources such as wind farms or solar fields. Check the online platform Easyswitch for easy comparison of energy companies and prices in the Netherlands.

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