SDE+ spring 2020 published

On 12 March the categories for the SDE+ spring 2020 scheme were published in the Staatscourant [Government Gazette). The application round runs from 17 March to 2 April 2020. In this round, a budget of 4 billion Euro has been made available.

The subsidy round is made available for renewable electricity, renewable gas, renewable heat or a combination of renewable heat and electricity and is built up in 3 fases.

Phase 1:
17 March, 9 AM – 23 March, 5PM. For projects with a basic amount of up to € 7 cents/kWh.

Phase 2:
23 March, 5 PM – 30 March 5PM. For projects with a basic amount of up to € 8 cents/kWh.

Phase 3:
30 March, 5PM – 2 April, 5PM. For more expensive projects, of up to € 13 cents/kWh.

For electricity generating projects a so-called ‘transportindicatie’ (an official confirmation by the grid operator for the future project grid connection) should be submitted along with the application. Only documents provided after 16 February by the grid operator are considered in the SDE+ spring application.

Interested parties can apply for the subsidy from 17 March, 9 AM to 2 April, 5 PM. The SDE+ spring 2020 is the last round under the SDE+ scheme. As of September, the new scheme, SDE++ will be applicable. This new scheme not only includes budget for renewable energy projects but also CO2-reducting technologies.


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