Conbit winner Floating Wind Technology Acceleration Competition

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Mammoet’s Conbit operation is one of the eight winners in the Floating Wind Technology Acceleration Competition, run by the Carbon Trust’s Floating Wind Joint Industry Project (Floating Wind JIP).

The competition was designed to address four key industry challenge areas, that need to be overcome to commercialise floating wind. The four areas were identified in Phase 1 of the Floating Wind JIP: monitoring and inspection, mooring systems, heavy lift maintenance and tow to port maintenance. The 8 winning technologies receive £1 million from the Scottish Government, in addition to support from the 14 leading offshore wind developers represented in the Floating Wind JIP.

Modular lifting system
Conbit’s modular lifting system won the competition’s challenge for a floating wind technology that could provide ‘safe and cost-effective exchange of large turbine components offshore when floating foundation structures are moving due to wave motion’.

Exchanging heavy components at high altitude while the base is moving due to waves and wind is one of the most demanding challenges within offshore operations. Conbit’s modular lifting system enables the replacement of heavy components inside the nacelle and provides the accuracy needed to ensure a safe installation.

The funds released as part of the competition will be used to increase the development of the modular lift technology towards a fully operational system. Wind farm owners and developers, as well as turbine OEMs, will be consulted during the development program. Conbit will collaborate with turbine manufacturers especially, as the lifting system will be adjusted to their design.

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