Borssele Beta topside on its way to construction site

ยฉ TenneT

This morning the topside for the offshore platform Borssele Beta finally left the HSM Offshore yard in Schiedam. It is now on its way to the Borssele III & IV and V wind farm site, some 22 km off the coast of Vlissingen.

As reported earlier last week, the 700 MW Offshore High Voltage Substation will collect the power from the 77 MHI Vestas, type V164, 9.5 megawatt wind turbines in the 731.5 MW Borssele III & IV offshore wind farm and the power from the Borssele V test site and transport it to the high voltage substation in Borssele by means of two 67-kilometre long cables. The jacket foundation was already installed in May 2019.

Borssele Beta is expected to be operational on 1 September, TenneT said. It is the second offshore grid connection built by TenneT, following the Borssele Alpha in the Borssele 1 + 2 wind farm.

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