Start first phase wind farm optimisation project Oosterschedekering

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After 10 years of preparation, developer E-Connection can finally start today with the first phase of a wind farm optimisation project along the Oosterschelde barrier (Oosterscheldekering) in the province of Zeeland.

The optimisation will take place in three phases up to 2027. By the end of 2027 there will be 32 wind turbines operational. The whole project consists of new built turbines and replacement of existing smaller turbines. Upon completion the project should be operational for another 20 to 30 years.

First phase
In the first phase of the optimisation project E-Connection will build 6 new wind turbines and replace 5 existing smaller turbines. The 6 turbines are installed in 2 new wind farms; Binnenhaven (4 turbines) and Roggeplaat-West (2 turbines). The repowering is taking place at the existing wind farms Noordland-Buiten (2 northern located turbines) and Vluchthaven (3 turbines).

The first activities include the construction of the foundations. This is performed by GMB Civiel. It will require some enforcement at some sections of the barrier. This summer a start will be made on the infield cabling. The activities for the grid connection will be performed at the start of 2021. A new transformer station will be built to connect the new wind farms to the high-voltage station on the former work island Neeltje Jans.

Turbine installation activities are expected to to start mid-2021. Vestas will deliver 9 of its V136 platform with a tip height of 204 m and 4.2 MW power and 2 of its V117 platform with a tip height of 150 m and 4.2 MW power. The latter 2 are being installed at the Roggeplaat-West Wind Farm. The wind turbines should become operational at the start of 2022.

Phase 2 & 3
The first phase is followed by two more phases up to 2027 whereby 2 new turbines are installed at the Poolvoet Wind Farm and some other turbines are being replaced, including at the Jacobahaven Wind Farm. This week the Council of State rules against an appeal to the Poolvoet Wind Farm, making the realisation possible.

The wind turbines are being built in Natura2000 areas. Additional measurements are taken to create minimal disturbance on nature. E-Connection works together with the Department of Waterways and Public Works and nature organisations Natuurmonumenten, Zeeuwse Landschap and Nationaal Park Oosterschelde.

The wind farms are being developed and owned by E-Connection. The developer is also responsible for the grid connection. The Binnenhaven Wind Farm is partially financed by citizen cooperative Zeeuwind. The wind farms Noordland Buitenhaven and Vluchthaven are partially financed by TREF (Triodos Renewables Europe Fund). BNG Bank (wind turbines) and Triodos (high-voltage station) act as financing partners.

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