Piling activities in full progress at Weijerswold Wind Farm

© Windpark Weijerswold

Piling activities are progressing at the Weijerswold onshore wind farm nearby the hamlet of Weijerswold in the municipality of Coevorden (province of Drenthe).

Weijerswold Wind Farm is an initiative of energy company Pure Energie, energy cooperative Windunie and some landowners. The wind farm will comprise 4 Vestas wind turbines. They are of the type V136 and have a hub height of 113.5 m, a rotor diameter of 136 m and a tip height of 181.5 m.

The piling activities for one turbine have been completed. That for a second one is expected to be completed by the end of this week. The piling activities for the remaining turbines will likely be completed in the first week of May.

The piling activities are followed by the steel and concrete work for the foundations. These activities are expected to take place throughout June. After a period of curing, which can take up to 4 weeks, a start can be made on the turbine installation. The 4 wind turbines are expected to annually produce around 40 to 50 million kWh.

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