First turbine in Kabeljauwbeek Wind Farm installed

© Barneveldse Kraanverhuur Instagram

Eneco is realising in the municipality of Woensdrecht, nearby the Belgian border, the  Kabeljauwbeek Wind Farm. This week, the first out of 5 wind turbines has been installed.

The construction activities in the wind farm started in August 2019. It will comprise 5 Nordex, type N117/3600, wind turbines. They each have a hub height of 120 m and a rotor diameter of 117 m. The turbines combined are expected to annually produce between 26 and 40 million kWh when operational.

The wind turbines will connect to the existing cluster of wind turbines in the municipality of Reimerswaal and the wind turbines located in the port area of Antwerp. Kabeljauwbeek Wind Farm is planned to become operational in Q3 of 2020.

Environmental Fund
Eneco, together with local foundation Stichting Dorpsplatform Ossendrecht, has initiated an environmental fund that will annually receive a contribution with a maximum of 15,000 Euro to be used for financing livability projects and or sustainable projects within the borders of Ossendrecht and Zandvliet. Eneco will also contribute 15,000 Euro for the reinforcement of ecological values and fetaures in the province of Noord-Brabant.

Once the wind farm is operational, Eneco will contribute 75,000 Euro towards landscape quality improvement. The contribution will be used for the ‘Van A naar B’ project in the Brabantse Wal area, a historical connection between Antwerp and Bergen op Zoom.

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