Agem and Pure Energie announce location for joint wind development

© Pure Energie

ln 2019, Dutch cooperative Agem and energy company Pure Energie revealed their plans to jointly develop wind and solar energy projects in the Achterhoek, a cultural region in the eastern part of the Gelderland province. Earlier this week the two parties announced the first location.

Agem and Pure Energie have already identified several locations for possible development of wind or solar energy in the Achterhoek. The first location where they will jointly undertake concrete actions is in the municipality of Berkelland, alongside the N18 motorway and an open area nearby the Avink barrage. Here the two parties are looking to develop wind energy.

Agem and Pure Energie share a common interest in developing renewable energy projects in which local control and ownership play a strong role. Their projects will, for example, all include an environmental fund.

Agem was initiated in 2013 as a response to the Achterhoek Agenda 2020. Its goal is for the Achterhoek to become energy neutral by 2030. The cooperative currently has 23 members, including 8 municipalities and 15 local energy cooperatives.

Pure Energie has built up a large portfolio of wind projects, with over 70 wind turbines installed an around 60 granted and also develops solar projects. Read our interview from March 2020.

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