Preliminary draft zoning plan and EIA report for Beuningen Wind Farm available for consultation

© Municipality of Beuningen

As of today, the preliminary draft zoning plan and Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA) report for the onshore wind farm Beuningen are available for public consultation. The consultation period for the plan which provides up to 5 wind turbines in the municipality of Beuningen in the province of Gelderland runs till 16 July 2020.

To realise the plan it was necessary to replace the current zoning plan which was established in 2012. The preliminary draft zoning plan, drawn up by Bosch & Van Rijn on behalf of the municipality of Beuningen, is a first step in this process. It provides for a wind farm comprising a maximum of 5 wind turbines south of the A73 highway at junction Ewijk where the A73 and A50 intersect. The wind turbines are foreseen both west and east of the A50.

Energy vision ‘Energetic Beuningen’
In 2017, the Energy Vision ‘Energetic Beuningen’ (Energievisie ‘Energiek Beuningen) was established, outlining where Beuningen currently stands in the area of sustainable energy generation, and what must be done to be energy neutral by 2040. This involves the ambition to generate 731 TJ of sustainable energy in Beuningen.

Location plan for large-scale generation of sun and wind energy
How this should be acieve is set out in a site plan for large-scale generation of sun and wind (Locatieplan grootschalige opwek Zon en Wind’). In April 2019, the city council of Beuningen decided to allow the large-scale generation of solar and wind energy, under certain conditions, in the outskirts of Beuningen.

With regard to wind, the wind turbines to be realised must, in addition to the legal standards, meet additional preconditions. For one, they must be installed in a single line arrangement and the wind turbines must meet certain requirements with regards to cast shadow and noise pollution. In addition, 50% of the ownership and operation of a wind farm must be in the hands of a local energy cooperative and the citizens of Beuning must benefit.

EIA concept
In addition to the preliminary design zoning plan, a draft EIA report is also available for inspection. Because the ecological research into the effects of a wind farm is still ungoing and will only be completed after the summer, the EIA report is not yet complete. However, the preliminary results would indicate that a wind farm is not causing inadmissible effects on the environment, including the effects on protected species or protected areas.

Follow-up procedure
All responses to the consultation period will be collected and responded to in a Memorandum of Participation. Work is also continuing on determining the exact locations of the wind turbines. After all environmental studies have been completed, these locations will be included in a design zoning plan which will be made available for consultation again for six weeks.

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