First turbine installed in Geefsweer Wind Farm

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This week, the first wind turbine was installed in Geefsweer Wind Farm, located between Wagenborgen and Delfzijl in the province of Groningen. The wind farm, with a total capacity of 60.2 MW, is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021.

Geefsweer Wind Farm comprises 14 wind turbines in two line configurations. The turbines are from Vestas, type V136, with a nominal power of 4.3 MW. Each turbine has a rotor diameter of 136 m, hub height of 145 m and a tip height of 213 m.

The first components were transported from Eemshaven to Delfzijl by trucks earlier this month. The components for the second turbine are expected later this week.

The initiators said that COVID-19 has had some impact on staffing, planning and the way in which both internal and external work had to be performed. However, it did not delay the transport and delivery of the large components.

Geefsweer & Oosterhorn Wind Farms
Geefsweer Wind Farm is being developed by Eneco, Eurus Energy Group and Geefsweermolen B.V. who are also building the nearby Oosterhorn Wind Farm (with 18 turbines representing 77.4 MW). The projects were originally the initiative of Millenergy v.o.f., a partnership between YARD ENERY and Eneco.

Geefsweer Wind Farm is subdivided into Wind Park Eneco Geefsweer with 6 turbines, Wind Park Mauve BV (Eurus) with 7 turbines and Geefsweermolen with 1 turbine. Oosterhorn Wind Farm consists of Windpark Eneco Oosterhorn with 9 turbines and Windpark Mondriaan BV (Eurus) with 9 turbines.

The wind farms are located in one of the 3 concentration areas for the development of wind energy designated by the province of Groningen. They complement the existing Delfzijl Noord and Delfzijl Zuid wind farms. Oosterhorn Wind Farm is located between the two existing wind farms while Geefsweer Wind Farm is located to the west of the concentration area.

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