New Dutch app enables EV charging during solar and wind peak hours

Amsterdam-based Dutch start up Laadje has built an app that ensures electric cars charge automatically when there is a peak in availability of wind and solar energy. With the solution, which is currently only available for Teslas, CEO Otto Barten expects that the power price can drop from about 21 cents / kWh to 17 cents / kWh.

As a data scientist in the field of energy transition, Barten predicted early on that in the future there could be a surplus of electricity with a low or negative price at times when there is a lot of wind or sun available. Also, at other times, the electricity could become more expensive due to an increasing CO2 tax. With this in mind he started looking for a solution that uses electricity at the right times. This is how the idea of Laadje was born: a free app that allows people to charge their electric car at the most favorable times.

Scalable solution
Because the app directly controls the car, it works not only on charging stations but also at home and on the road. This makes it a much more scalable solution. Barten: “We are already saving 15% CO2 emissions, and it paves the way for much higher percentages of sustainable energy. We aim for 100% sustainability. Our goal is to have a substantial percentage of the approximately 100,000 electric cars in the Netherlands use our app. Then we can really make a contribution to the energy transition! ”

Low costs
Users who use the Laadje app at home pay spot market prices. These are prices at the EPEX spot market that are directly passed on by a number of small energy companies, with which Laadje collaborates, such as EnergyZero. In addition, loading takes place at the most advantageous times. “It’s a win-win situation,” says Barten. “The user no longer has to pay surcharge per kWh on top of the exchange price. In addition, the app ensures that it automatically loads the car at the cheapest times. That means double savings. And then there is the positive impact on the climate. ”

The Laadje app has been available in the app store for a week now and has already seen several dozens of registrations. Laadje can be downloaded from the website The app currently only supports Teslas.

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