All contractors are in place for 380 kV high voltage connection Borssele-Rilland

© TenneT

TenneT announced this week it has awarded the civil works for the construction of the 380 kV high-voltage connection Borssele-Rilland. The contracts are awarded to BAM Infra and to a consortium of Mobilis bv and Strukton Civiel Projecten bv.

The 380 kV connection is of importance for the electricity transmission from Borssele where also the Borssele offshore wind farms are connected. The current connection is full and maintenance is not possible. As a result, the transmission capacity from the Borssele land station to the Dutch high-voltage grid had to be increased.

The new, 48-kilometer 380 kV high-voltage connection, including a new 380 kV high-voltage substation at Rilland, consists of 107 mast locations and two lattice towers. The connection is also an important link in the connection with Belgium.

BAM Infra is be responsible for the section to the west of Willem-Annapolder (from Borssele to Willem-Annapolder) and the Mobilis / Strukton Civiel consortium for the section to the east (from Willem-Annapolder to Rilland).

The assignment includes the construction of work roads, work areas and mast foundations for the pylons and the cultural-technical restoration of land after the high-voltage connection has been commissioned.

Construction of the connection between the high-voltage substations Borssele and Rilland will start after the summer.

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