Dutch overestimate share of renewable energy


A study commissioned by the Dutch Renewable Energy Association (NVDE) shows that the Dutch overestimate the share of renewable energy. This applies to all three renewable energies: solar energy, wind energy and biomass. NVDE announced this yesterday during a broadcast of ‘Vroege Vogels’.

The study was conducted by Motivaction on behalf of the NVDE and took place under a panel between June 30, 2020 and July 2, 2020. The aim of the study was to gauge how the Dutch feel about sustainability during and after the corona crisis. Respondents estimate the share of renewable energy at 24.1%, when in reality it is 8.6%. The share of wind energy has been estimated at 16%, while it is just under 2%. Also the share of solar (17% against 1%) and bio mass (12% against 5%) energy was overestimated.

“If you overestimate how much there is, you underestimate how much is still needed,” says Olof van der Gaag, director of NVDE. “It is easier to be against solutions or to make extra demands if you think that we are already very far. But the urgency is much greater than people think. There is much more work to be done and we really need all the techniques. ”

Call for green economic recovery
The NVDE advises the Dutch government to stick to the Climate Agreement and to opt for a sustainable restart of the economy after the corona crisis. The study would show that 60% of the Dutch also find it important that the Netherlands is heading for a more sustainable emergence from the corona crisis. They believe that sustainability requirements should be set for companies that receive government support. 44% of the respondents believe that the government is most responsible for making the Netherlands more sustainable.

The NVDE started the ‘Sustainable Restart‘ (Duurzame Doorstart) campaign (in Dutch) last week, to show and grow support for green recovery. In addition, the NVDE made an assesment (in Dutch) on the sustainable energy sector in corona time, which it discussed with King Willem-Alexander on 9 June.

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