Final go-ahead for Pottendijk Wind Farm

Today, July 29, 2020, the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State ruled positively on the permits issued for the Pottendijk Wind Farm. The planned 14 wind turbines along the Woldweg, in the Pottendijk area in Emmen, may be realised.

Wind area Pottendijk. © Gemeente Emmen

In the municipality of Emmen, 3 areas have been designated for the development of wind energy. It concerns the areas Pottendijk (maximum 50.5 MW), Zwartenbergerweg (maximum 24 MW) and N34 (maximum 21 MW).

In September 2018, the Municipal Executive of the municipality of Emmen granted an environmental permit to Energiepark Pottendijk BV (an initiative of farmer Jeroen Deddens from Nieuw-Dordrecht) for the realisation of 14 wind turbines for a period of 16 years after the wind farm is operational. The turbines can have a maximum height of 150 m, so that no lighting has to be provided, and must be placed at least 1100 m from residential areas and at least 500 m from a (detached) house.

Appeals against the environmental permit have been lodged with the District Court of Noord Nederland by, among others, Erkende Overleg Partners-Platform de Monden (EOP), which consists of six village associations comprising the surroundings of the project, Zon voor Wind and Kart circuit Pottendijk. The first fears that the wind farm will affect the living environment and that suitable alternative locations are available where wind turbines would lead to less nuisance, the second feared damage to health. Karting circuit Pottendijk feared that the cast shadow of the wind turbines will lead to unsafe situations on the karting circuit and that it might lose the license as a result. In a decision in October 2019, these were declared unfounded by the court.

EOP and Kart circuit Pottendijk appealed against these rulings to the Council of State. Pottendijk Energiepark has occasionally appealed against the ruling on EOP’s appeal. In today’s judgment, the appeal of EOP and Kart circuit Pottendijk was unfounded and the incidental appeal of Energiepark Pottendijk was founded. This will enable Pottendijk Energiepark to continue with the development of the wind farm.

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