Tower sections for Industrieterrein Moerdijk Wind Farm arrived at Port of Moerdijk

© Port of Moerdijk Bron: LinkedIn

The tower sections for the Industrieterrein Moerdijk Wind Farm in the province of Noord-Holland have arrived in the Port of Moerdijk.

The tower sections, 35 in total, arrived at the Port of Moerdijk on the cargo vessel Minervagracht. The sections are for the 7 wind turbines that will make up the wind farm, located in the port and industrial estate of Moerdijk. They will first be stored at the Van der Vlist Group terminal in the port and will soon be transported in badges to the construction site.

Industrieterrein Moerdijk Wind Farm is being built by Vattenfall. The project received green light in August 2018. It comprises 7 Nordex N131/3900 wind turbines. Together these will annually generate around 27 MW of green power. Dura Vermeer is the main contractor. In September 2019, the groundbreaking ceremony took place. In November 2019 all foundations were completed. In Spring 2020 a start was made on the installation of the cables.

Solar park
Vattenfall will transfer part of the proceeds from the wind farm to a wind fund managed by the Stichting Energietransitie Moerdijk. With this fund, among other things, a solar park will be realised. Here, residents of the town of Klundert will benefit from. Vattenfall is helping the municipality and Stichting Energie Transitie Moerdijk to develop this solar park.

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